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Episode 4: Earth to Jeff Bezos

As the western United States burns up with over 70 forest fires in 13 states, and Germany deals with the aftermath of devastating floods, the world's richest man, not counting Vladimir Putin, rocketed himself up to outer space for 10 minutes at a cost of of $2.5 million every sixty seconds.


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Episode 8: Celebrating the Best Moment From the Big Daddy Kane & KRS-One Verzuz Battle (End of Year Special)

There were a host of great cameos during October's Verzuz battle between Big Daddy Kane & KRS-One. To wrap this year up, I spend this episode celebrating my favorite one: KRS-One on stage with the legendary Das EFX, with a particular focus on their classic collaboration, "Represent the Real Hip-Hop", which appeared on both KRS-One's eponymous album and Das EFX's album Hold it Down (1995).    

Episode 6: Bush, the Butcher in Chief

 George W. Bush left the office of the presidency in January of 2009 with a very low approval rating. Thanks to the mainstream media, he's gone on a rehab tour to recover from his low favorability wounds. This episode is a brief diatribe against his crimes in Iraq and the corporate media's refusal to treat his lies as lies, and instead label his invasion of Iraq as simply a mistake.

Episode 7: How "Ha" Sings the Blues

 Juvenile blew up in the late 1990s with the release of "Ha," but purists like myself held their nose. Years later, I understand and appreciate the song. In this episode, I delve into the connection between the track, Juvenile's hip-hop and the soul of blues music.